Saved $15,000 in Labor Costs

The Challenge:

A large national supply company with a facility in Dallas needed to perform an inventory audit for a 150,000 sq. foot warehouse and 150,000 SKUs products ranging from lighting to safety. The project needed to be completed and within two weeks and with minimal disruption to their normal business activities during the week. The customer estimated that with 100 people working a Thursday through Sunday shift, the project could be completed. The challenge would be to find 100 people to work a four-day project.

The Work:

Eclipse Professional Services worked with the client to determine what could be done prior to the actual inventory, the training that Eclipse could provide prior to associates coming onsite, and convincing 100 people to work a four day detail-oriented project. Eclipse Professional Services attacked the project in three phases:

  1. Recruited and qualified the associates
  2. Created documentation such as maps, audit sheets and custom orientations
  3. Staged personnel for check-ins and starting times


The client was very pleased with the results. The inventory audit came back with only a 2% variance, and the project was completed by Saturday afternoon, saving the client roughly $15,000 in labor costs alone.