On Time And Under Budget

The Challenge:

An International Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) had a product issue with their newest release, and it required a recall of the product worldwide. This OEM called on our client to manufacture boxes to be shipped worldwide that would not expose carriers to the dangers of this product issue. Our client would be responsible for designing, prototyping, manufacturing and delivering these boxes throughout the world. The project was slated to begin in the last week of September and run though the beginning of the New Year.

The Work:

Eclipse Professional Services was contacted by our client to recruit 50 people to assist in the assembly of the approved boxes. The project was to last through the beginning of the New Year and to be at a different location than the client’s normal working site. The client was initially only looking for basic assemblers, but as the project kicked off, they realized there was a skills deficiency with machine operators. Eclipse Professional Services worked with client to determine the basic skills of the assemblers and the requirements of the machine operators since not many in the area had run this particular machine.

A three-part plan was used by EPS:

  1. Scoured its database for candidates who lived within a ten-minute drive
  2. Created an on-boarding process to ensure that all hours for the associates’ work was captured
  3. Determined the basic machine operation skills for this particular box maker and recruited candidates who had been recently laid off from a corrugated box company


The client finished the project on time and under budget. This was due to the recruiting guidelines that Eclipse had established with client. Thus, resulting in lower turnover than they had experienced when using other staffing firms in the past.