Tell-Tale Signs Its Time For a New Job


It’s normal to be disappointed that the weekend is ending, but you shouldn’t spend your Sunday dreading Monday. Not happy in your current job but nervous about making a change? Are you bored, underpaid, or stuck? Right now, the economy is in pretty good shape, and it’s a great time to at least explore your options. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to make the leap:

You’re Stressed Out

A certain amount of stress is normal in any job, but if your physical or mental health is suffering, it may be time to move on. Look for signs that your job is taking a toll on your health, such as trouble sleeping or not getting good sleep, chronic health problems, or frequent colds. Stress can weaken your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to illness.

You’re Working In Unsafe Conditions

If your supervisor asks you to perform unsafe tasks, work in unsafe conditions or the company provides inadequate worn or damaged PPE (or worse – none at all!) you should look for new options for your health. Of course, your first step should be to report it through proper channels, but if the company culture is one that does not make safety a priority, you need to look out for your interest and move on.

You’re Not Building Skills

You bring a certain skill set to a job. That’s what you have to offer employers. But it shouldn’t stop there. Your skill level needs to increase so that you don’t get bored and you don’t find yourself unable to get a new job if you lose this one and your skills are out of date.

You’re in a Dying Industry

The working world is always changing. If you’re savvy enough to keep your skills current, but your employer isn’t evolving, it may be time to explore transferring your skills to another field. If you are interested in learning what industries have the most growth potential or what skills you need to ensure a successful future, a staffing firm specializing in manufacturing can help.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Contact the experts at Eclipse Professional Services. We can help you find manufacturing jobs that are great for you to earn today and to build the skills you need for your future.


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