How You Can Turn Your Temp Job Into a Permanent Position

Having work is important, but not having the guarantee of long-term work can be frustrating.

While temporary positions let you explore your options with various employers, what do you do when you find a job you love and want to keep it long term? Here’s how to turn your temp job into a full-time, permanent position.

  1. Look for Temp to Hire Jobs:

Many temp jobs are “temp to hire,” which means that the employer is interested in hiring the right person long-term. If you’re looking for work and only temp jobs seem to be available, ask your recruiter to help you prioritize temp to hire positions. You’ll start as a temporary worker, but with the understanding that the door is open for a permanent hire.

  1. Be the Worker You’d Want to Hire:

Impressing your employer in any temp position is essential to turning that temp job into a permanent hire. To do so, focus on being the kind of worker you know companies want to hire. Your recruiter can help you find out what each company wants most in its workers.

For instance, always show up to work on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to do your tasks for the day. Keep your workspace clean and organized, and pitch in to help on projects like cleaning at the end of a shift. The more you fit into a company’s image of an ideal worker, the more likely you are to land the job.

  1. Build Relationships With Co-Workers:

Build strong professional relationships with co-workers, especially those who have permanent positions in the company. When you communicate effectively with others, it becomes easier for them to see you as a permanent member of the team. Your boss will find it more difficult to imagine doing the work without your presence, which makes him or her more likely to recommend that you be hired on long-term.

Ready to Give Your Career A Boost?

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