Self-Check: Helpful Safety List You Can Follow Today

Every workplace has health and safety standards it expects its workers to follow. However, these standards are only as good as the workers who follow them.

To keep yourself and your team members safer on the job, you can go above and beyond. Here are some simple safety checks you can perform that can help you and your co-workers avoid injury in the warehouse or manufacturing floor:

1. Check Your PPE

Putting on your personal protective equipment (PPE) can become a habit you don’t even think about. While it’s good to make wearing your PPE feel natural and automatic, it’s a bad idea to ignore the condition of your PPE just because putting it on has become a habit.

Look closely at each item before you put it on. Look for cracks, tears, gaps or leaks, as well as any problems that might obscure your vision, hearing or other senses.

2. Take a Walk

Before you start your shift, take a walk through your work area. Identify any hazards that have appeared since you left at the end of your previous shift. For instance, you may see spills or debris on the floor, moved or missing tools, or lightbulbs that are dimming or have burnt out.

3. Clean, Then Work

If you see safety problems in your work area, attend to them before you begin your daily tasks. For example, if there’s debris on the floor in your normal work area, grab a broom or vacuum and clean it up before you start working. You’ll be able to focus on your tasks without worrying about the safety risk.

Apply the same rule to your safety gear: If you see a problem with your goggles, hard hat, gloves or other PPE, fix it before you launch into your daily tasks.

4. Get Local

Find out what hazards unique to North Texas you may need to prepare for. Sure, you know that it’s always a drought or a flood – never just right, but do you know what the safety plan is for either event? Are you working on a site in a flood plain, for example? If you’re working on a contract basis, you may not be informed. Educate yourself by talking to your supervisor or safety manager. You need to know if there is an evacuation plan in place or a protocol for sheltering from tornadoes. When you’re in the know, you can be a help instead of a hinderance.

5. Going Further: Explore Forming a Safety Committee

If you want to set yourself apart on the job, look into establishing a health and safety committee at work. It is a big commitment on your part and is likely to involve some red tape. Start by speaking to your manager to find out what kind of approvals may be required or steps you need to take. Who knows, maybe the company has such a committee on their wishlist but never had anyone to roll with it.

6. Speak to Your Recruiter

As specialists in light industrial staffing, Eclipse is a safety expert. If you have questions about what sort of hazards to be on the lookout for on the job, they will be happy to help. Keeping you safe on the job is one of their top priorities.

Looking to Staff Up?

At Eclipse Professional Services, we help connect job seekers to some of the best companies and jobs in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. If you’re looking for the next step on your career path, contact us today.

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