Learn How Logistics Companies Are Helping Online Businesses

You may wonder what a logistics company can do for your online business. You might be surprised by all they have to offer. As specialists, they have access to a wider range of resources than most manufacturers typically do. While you are the expert in your specific field, for third party logistics companies, getting the product from one place to another is what they do best.

They Help Online Companies With the Following:

Controlling Shipping Costs

They have the economy of scale. 3PL companies are moving product for a variety of companies – likely at a much greater volume than your online business does. Their shipper accounts with companies such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL are likely to be at a much better pay rate because of the amount of product they move.

Streamlining Your Process

3PLs can package and kit product as your request, even using your branded packaging. It may be less expensive to ship the product in bulk for them to assemble and package than to ship completed product. It can also allow you to keep staff levels down, reducing your overhead.

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Third-party logistics companies can handle it all from receiving, storing, and tracking inventory. They can even offer unique and often expensive options such as climate-controlled and high-security storage.

Reducing Errors

As the volume of your business increases, so do the chances of making a mistake. 3PLs are accustomed to working at a face pace and managing the needs of various clients. This experience means that they have systems in place to prevent and correct errors. They know where they are most likely to occur.

Managing Complex Supply Chains

Online businesses often bring product or raw materials from overseas suppliers. A logistics company can choose the best carrier, streamline paperwork, and handle customs all on your schedule and cost-effectively.

As you can imagine, third party logistics companies often need temporary help from a staffing firm like Eclipse Professional Services. They know they can count on us to get the right people to them right away. If you’d like to see an example of how we are able to help a 3PL company take on a big challenge, check out this case study.

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