How to Get the Most Out of Your Manufacturing Team in an Increasingly Automated World

While automation has taken over some jobs, in many ways it opens new opportunities. Getting your team to recognize this fact can be the key to getting the most out of them on the job. Here’s what you need to know about successfully integrating your talented manufacturing team and the latest technology.

Develop a Transition Plan

It’s not uncommon to fear change. If you want to get the most out of your manufacturing team, don’t brush aside their fears or concerns. Responses like, “that’s just the way it is now” will only foster resentment – not the best way to encourage working toward a common goal. Listen to what they have to say and address any valid points they may have.

Invest in Training

Much of the fear surrounding automation is the unknown. If you spend the time explaining the technology to your employees, how they can expect to interact with it, and what it will bring to their future on the job, including increased opportunity.

Focus on Safety

What constitutes a safe workplace can change with increased automation. For the most part, technology can improve safety, but there may be some re-education involved with workers who are accustomed to shout out regarding a hazard for example. They may need to be instructed not to find workarounds on machinery that is designed to keep them safer but may initially seem cumbersome.

Establish Best Practices

Develop a consistent standard for dealing with difficulties that may arise or better still, anticipating them in the first place. Consider meeting regularly with individuals from different areas of your company that may view things from a perspective different from your own. They may bring up issues you hadn’t considered.

Look For People Who Work Well With Technology

Some people are early adopters, some late and some simply never get comfortable. As you know automation doesn’t always take over the workplace. Typically, they augment the workplace. That means you need people who are capable of working in an increasingly technical workplace.

Looking to Hire Better Talent?

Running a business requires both the human element and the latest technology. Integrating automation into your company is up to you, but when it comes to talent, the experts at Eclipse Professional Services are here to help. Our recruiters work with employers to provide talent with the ability and soft skills to take on any challenge.  Contact us today to learn more.

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