How to Build a Better Long-Term Relationship With a Recruiter

Many job seekers look for a recruiter’s help only when they have an urgent, short-term problem: They need to find a new job, and fast!

While reaching out to a recruiter in these circumstances can help you find new work, this is not the only situation in which your recruiter can help you. By building a long-term relationship with your recruiter, you gain an ally who can help you at every stage of your career.

Here’s how to build a strong working relationship with your recruiter in order to find great job matches now and in the future:

  1. Treat Every Conversation and Meeting Like a Professional Connection

Recruiters specialize in understanding what companies want, and they’re passionate about helping job seekers understand and meet those expectations as well. Your recruiter can help you stand out from other candidates – if they have a clear idea of your professional behavior.

When you meet with your recruiter, dress like you’re attending a job interview and act the same. Your recruiter can give you tips to improve your performance, which you can use to find a job now and to seek a raise, promotion or new position in the future.

  1. Stay on Top of Communication

The job market can move very quickly, and it moves fastest when you’re least expecting it. To ensure you’re ready when the right job opening becomes available, make it a priority to answer all your recruiter’s phone calls, texts or emails as soon as you get them.

Make sure you get notifications on your smartphone or check your email and voicemail several times a day. The sooner you respond, the easier it is for your recruiter to recommend you and connect you to the right job for you.

  1. Stay in Touch Once You Find Your Dream Job

Whether you find a great job on your own or with your recruiter’s help, remember to keep your recruiter updated on your progress. Even a quick email can help you maintain your relationship with your recruiting and stay on top of new information in your industry.

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