ToolBox Talk: How the Manufacturing Industry is Changing Their Safety Standards

Times have changed. Time has changed the way we socialize, communicate and do business. So it’s unsurprising that new tools are changing the way we address workplace safety as well.

Here are just a few ways manufacturing workplace safety has shifted in recent years:

  1. Improved Screening

From more sensitive metal detectors to employee information encoded on computer chips embedded in badges and other credentials, screening those who enter workplaces has become quicker and more effective thanks to digital technologies.

When combined with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML), these tools can even deduce patterns from employees’ and visitors’ movements throughout the day. They can also determine which deviations are likely part of ordinary work and which indicate that security has been compromised in some way.

  1. Better Communication

Digital tools make it easier to identify safety concerns and to communicate them in real time to team members who can fix them. For instance, smart sensors can spot potential fire or flood risks and alert technicians before damage occurs.

With improved communication, workplace teams are better able to identify and address potential safety risks, increasing the chances they will intervene before an injury or loss occurs.

  1. AI-Enhanced Safety Training

Teaching safety classes and keeping employees’ safety knowledge current is one of the best ways to build a culture of safety and to empower employees to protect themselves. Training can be difficult, however, when workers have vastly different modes or paces of learning.

Training software and tools that use artificial intelligence, however, are helping manufacturing and warehouse leadership meet the training needs more effectively. These tools can spot patterns in how each trainee responds to questions. They can then differentiate training to appeal to each worker’s particular learning style, and they can adapt the pace of materials, so workers spend more time on their individual weaknesses.

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