Why It’s Important to Make the Right Hire the First Time

One bad hire can have a devastating effect on a business. As a result, it’s vital for companies to make the right hire every time they fill an open position.

While this sounds like a high-stress demand, there are many ways to make finding the right hire easier. Working with a staffing firm can help you ensure that you meet all the following criteria with each new employee:

  1. The Right Hire Will Integrate With the Team More Quickly

The right person for the job will have both the skills and the approach to work that your team needs. As a result, they’re more likely to feel comfortable on the new team from the start. They’ll understand why and where their abilities are needed and find it easier to integrate themselves with the work that’s being done day to day.

Your team will also find it easier to adjust to the new hire. They’ll communicate more easily and be able to fit your new hire’s skills into the skill sets they’re already employing on the job.

  1. The Right Hire Can Offer an Engagement Boost

When a new hire integrates quickly with the rest of the team, both the new hire and the team are more engaged with their work. The new hire sees that this is a place their skills are important and appreciated, and the team gains a fresh perspective that can help them feel less stressed and more interested in doing their jobs well.

Low engagement can have a significant financial impact on businesses. It’s estimated that U.S. companies lose $500 billion each year to employee disengagement. When you make a good hire, engagement goes up – helping your bottom line.

  1. The Right Hire Will Stick With the Team in the Long Run

Employee turnover is another highly expensive hurdle U.S. businesses face. Every day a job is open, the company loses money in seeking new candidates, in reduced productivity, and in lowered engagement as other team members must pitch in to cover essential tasks.

The right hire, however, will feel at home in their new job – which means they’re less likely to leave and start the turnover cost cycle over again.

Make Your Next Hire With Eclipse!

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