Toolbox Talk: Hazards of Forklift Operations

Training your staff is just one step in ensuring that forklift safety protocols prevent accidents on the job. Managers also have a role to play in ensuring that forklifts are safe for operation and that mishaps don’t result in serious harm or work stoppages.

Here’s how managers can continue to minimize the hazards of forklift operations once training is complete:

  1. Create a Maintenance Routine for Forklifts

Staff who operate forklifts should include a visual inspection of the vehicle in their daily routine. In addition, a weekly and monthly routine for inspecting each forklift more closely can help ensure that the vehicles stay in good condition.

Create a method for regular inspections and include it in your staff’s regular rotation of duties. If a problem is discovered, prohibit staff from operating the forklift until the problem is resolved.

  1. Focus on Continued Education

Even after initial training is complete, set aside time to refresh staff on core safety rules from time to time. Also, don’t hesitate to watch staff drive forklifts. This real-time observation and feedback can help improve safety and curb bad habits before they become ingrained.

  1. New Forklift? Treat Your Staff Like They’re New, Too

Technology continues to change and develop, and forklifts are no exception. When new models are introduced, ensure staff has the training they need to understand how the new model differs from the old one and how to use the new model safely. Keep manuals and other information in an easily accessible location so that staff can answer questions instead of making potentially risky assumptions about the features of the new forklift.

  1. Help Visitors Understand Forklift Risks

It’s not always necessary to give visitors a full training on forklift risks. But even a few quick reminders about where to stand or how to watch for oncoming forklifts can help your visitors avoid accidents. Coordinate with the employers of regular visitors, like delivery drivers, to ensure training is proper and consistent.

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