5 Interview Tips for Skilled Industrial Jobs

You’ve built a great resume that puts your skills and abilities front and center. Now you’ve been offered an interview. How do you ensure you communicate you’re the best professional for the job?

Here are five ways to prepare for an outstanding interview for a skilled industrial position.

  1. Focus on Accomplishments, Not Duties

When asked about your past work, it’s tempting to list the tasks you performed from day to day. But a list of tasks only tells the interviewer what you can do, not how well you can do it.

Instead, choose 3-5 of your biggest accomplishments in past jobs, internships or apprenticeships. Focus on achievements that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Keep this list in mind while preparing interview answers.

  1. Practice Working Your Accomplishments Into Your Interview Answers

Preparing answers to common interview questions ahead of time can help calm your nerves and boost confidence. These practice answers can also help you determine how to talk about your accomplishments in the context of an interview.

For instance, in response to the common question “Tell me about yourself,” you might describe yourself as hardworking and focused on results; then give an example of a project that succeeded because you used these qualities to get the job done.

  1. Don’t Talk About Failure – Talk About What You Learned

“When have you failed?” is a popular interview question, but don’t answer it by focusing on the failure. Instead, briefly explain how you fell short; then talk about what you learned from the experience and how you’d ensure a different result next time.

  1. Come Prepared With Questions

One or two thoughtful questions that show you know a little about the company and want to understand how you’d fit in can help demonstrate you’re interested in the job and doing well matters to you. For instance, you might ask the interviewer to describe the internal culture or opportunities for continued education.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open

From the moment you enter the building, pay attention to details. Are workspaces clean and organized? How do people talk to one another? Do staff members return your politeness?

All these details can help you decide whether this is the right job for you. Asking your interviewer what they like best about working for the employer can also give you insight into the company’s internal culture and attitude toward work.

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