Are Manufacturing Jobs on the Rise?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released its job numbers for January. While unemployment was slightly higher overall throughout the country, several industries bucked the trend, including manufacturing.

Manufacturing by the Numbers

According to the BLS, the manufacturing sector added 13,000 new jobs in January. Manufacturing of durable goods saw the most job growth, while manufacturing of nondurable goods saw a slight decrease in jobs. After decreases in the number of manufacturing jobs in the automotive and auto parts industries, these employers are beginning to add people to their workforce once again.

Since January 2018, manufacturing has added 261,000 total jobs, nearly 80 percent of which were added in durable goods industries.

What Do These Changes Mean for Employers?

The slow but steady job growth in durable goods manufacturing means that manufacturers of durable goods will need to review their hiring strategies for 2019 if they wish to compete for the best available manufacturing talent.

Since the small increase in overall unemployment in January may have been driven by the partial government shutdown, manufacturing employers should stay alert to overall unemployment in the coming months to determine whether the number will continue to rise. Making your organization’s in-house training opportunities a key part of your employment brand can attract unemployed workers from other sectors who might thrive in manufacturing.

The decline in employment in nondurable goods manufacturing also presents an opportunity for durable goods manufacturers to attract workers with transferable skill sets. To tap into this market, it’s important to present your company’s opportunities in the contexts in which workers previously employed in nondurable goods will see and consider them.

Finding the People You Need

To take advantage of the current situation in manufacturing employment, don’t hesitate to seek outside help. Staffing firms that specialize in manufacturing can help your company determine how to best leverage its own strengths in the face of current trends, seizing opportunities to hire some of the best manufacturing talent available today.

Find the Best Talent Today

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