Onboarding New Staff? Follow These Tips!

Bringing a new staff member on board is a crucial time for their success and the success of your team. You want the new hire to get up to speed quickly, but you risk overloading them with information if you throw them “in the deep end” too quickly.

For an effective onboarding process, keep these tips in mind:

Plan onboarding before the new hire’s first day.

Unlike a quick office tour, onboarding isn’t a “one-and-done” process. Rather, onboarding should be spread out over several days or weeks, so new hires aren’t overwhelmed all at once.

Prioritize the information your new hire needs, then spread out their education over a realistic timetable. Incorporate any time you need for the new hire to complete paperwork, learn about company policies or participate in training sessions.

On the new hire’s first day, give them a schedule with their onboarding tasks included. The schedule will help the new hire take charge of their own learning and get more comfortable building a routine on the job.

Onboard as part of the first few weeks, not instead of them.

In addition, onboarding should be planned to integrate with the new hire’s first steps into their day-to-day tasks. For instance, each day of the new hire’s first week might be split between onboarding activities and time at their desk or workstation.

By taking some time each day for onboarding activities, the new hire can also spend time integrating with their team and learning how tasks are carried out on the job. Assigning a “mentor” from the team can help the new hire integrate more quickly and have questions answered at once.

Call in assistance to make the job easier.

Your staffing partner can help you strategize and execute an onboarding process that helps new hires thrive without overwhelming them. Consider working with a recruiter who also offers safety training or similar services, so your new hire can work with a familiar face while they get up to speed.

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