5 Advantages of Hiring Temp to Perm Job Candidates

You need someone to help your existing team, but you’re uncertain about bringing a new person into the carefully balanced mix of personalities and skills you’ve already built. Or you’re uncertain whether you really have enough work to keep a new hire busy.

Sound familiar? Fortunately, there’s a solution that offers the best of both worlds: a temp-to-perm candidate. These candidates begin their work on a contract basis, with the understanding that you may decide to hire them long-term.

Here’s why temp to perm candidates might be the perfect solution to your hiring needs.

Flexibility in the face of market uncertainties.

Is your recent uptick in business a seasonal rush, or a long-term experience? While you can’t always predict what business will do, you can give yourself the flexibility you need with a temp to perm worker. These staff members can help you address increases in business demands today and be around tomorrow when a “rush” turns into business as usual.

A “trial run” for the candidate and your team.

Interviews help hiring managers understand candidates, but there’s no better way for a candidate and company to get to know one another than on the job. As temp workers, temp-to-perm candidates get a low-commitment opportunity to see whether the team and company are the right fit for them. Likewise, companies can evaluate the candidate in a real-world setting before extending a long-term offer.

An opportunity to adapt.

Many temporary workers have specialized skill sets perfect for one-time projects, in addition to a skill set that meshes well with your day to day needs. On a temp-to-perm contract, the company and candidate can determine exactly how to integrate the candidate’s specialized skills while also leveraging their ability to make a daily contribution to the company.

Unparalleled training and onboarding periods.

Hiring managers often feel pressure to train and onboard new hires as quickly as possible. As a result, the temptation to cut corners can be high. With a temp to perm candidate, however, the entire “temp” period can be treated as a training and onboarding process. These candidates can be given the chance to help the team at once, while they learn how to work within the company at a pace that helps ensure better retention and success.

Insight into the best candidates for your culture.

A direct hire candidate who doesn’t work out can cost your company time, money and productivity. Temp to perm candidates cost less, and they help you determine what sort of personalities and approaches to work will best mesh with your existing culture and team.

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