3 Signs a Company’s Workplace Culture Is Right for You

Finding a job posting that lists your ideal skills and responsibilities is exciting. The day-to-day work sounds exactly like your ideal day on the job.

But what about your co-workers? What’s the “vibe” in the office? When you want to learn a new skill, or you need clarification about an issue, how easy is it to get the support you need?

Workplace culture isn’t often included on the list of skills and requirements in a job posting, yet it’s an essential piece of your overall workplace experience. The culture determines whether you thrive on the job – or you start hunting for a new employer after a few months.

Here are three ways to tell if the company’s culture is right for you.

You feel comfortable in the workplace’s physical surroundings.

Pay attention to the layout of the company when you visit for your interview. Do workers work in cubicles, open workspaces or individual offices? Are doors left open or closed? Do the tools for the job, like computers, appear to be in good working order? Is the lighting comfortable for your needs?

Trying to wedge yourself into an uncomfortable physical space will cramp your ability to do your best work, as well. Seek employers who arrange their workspaces in a way that works well for you.

You like what you overhear from people around you.

At an interview, chances are good that you’ll overhear conversations between workers. Pay attention to the overall tone of these conversations. Do people treat each other kindly? Is there an undercurrent of competition – friendly or otherwise? Do people talk to one another the way you’d want to speak or be spoken to by your colleagues?

Often, people are on their best behavior when meeting a candidate. “Listening in” can help you spot how they act when there’s no stranger in the room, which can help you guess how they’ll treat you.

You leave the interview feeling confident about the next steps.

Companies that communicate well with their employees and seek to make them feel included in ongoing processes tend to do the same thing with their candidates. If you leave the interview knowing what the next step is and looking forward to it, you’re on the right track. If you don’t want to leave the interview at all, you’ll know you’ve found a good culture for you.

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