Don’t Believe These 4 Myths About Staffing Firms!

Whether you’re on the job market or considering a change, finding the right new job can be tough. You may even have considered working with a staffing firm, only to be turned off by common myths and misconceptions about what recruiters do.

Here are four common myths about staffing firms and the truth behind them:

Myth: Staffing firms charge job seekers a fee.
Fact: Your recruiter shouldn’t charge you to help you find a job.

Many people avoid staffing firms because they assume the recruiter will require them to pay for the help they receive. After all, a recruiter needs to stay in business, right?

While it’s true staffing firms need to pay their bills, reputable recruiters don’t do it by charging job seekers for help. Instead, they’re paid by the companies that ask them for qualified recommendations as to whom to hire next. As a candidate on the job market, you won’t need to pay your recruiter for assistance.

Myth: Staffing firms push you to take the first job available.
Fact: Staffing firms do better when they match the right person with the best job.

Once you know staffing firms are typically paid when they match companies and candidates, it’s easy to assume your recruiter will push you toward the first opening available, whether it matches your career goals or not.

In fact, a poor fit between the job and the candidate makes no one happy. The job seeker finds themselves back on the market, the company must hire again, and both sides ask the recruiter what went wrong. It’s in the recruiter’s best interests to make sure that you’re excited about a job opportunity or company.

Myth: You don’t need a recruiter when you can just access their job board.
Fact: Staffing firms do far more than just list job postings.

Many staffing firms make their job boards easy to access, which can tempt job seekers to skip the recruiter altogether.

If you decide not to talk to a recruiter, however, you deprive yourself of an outstanding resource. Recruiters make it their business to know the “inside scoop” at the companies they work for. They also pay attention to trends in local businesses, and they can give you advice on everything from how to improve your resume to how to find job opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Myth: Your staffing firm will dump you once you’re hired.
Fact: A recruiter is an outstanding professional networking contact.

Once your staffing firm helps you find a job, you may expect the relationship to come to an end. After all, they did what they were there to do, right?

In fact, staffing firms specialize in building professional networks – and in plugging the job seekers they help into those same networks. By updating your staffing specialist during year, you’ll always have someone on your side when you need help with career planning or building your network.

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